We all make different choices, we are diverse. Some like to play outside, some inside. Some like to lay back while others play hard. Life is unique, we are a microcosmos of choices and those choices make us who we are.

Naranza is in trendy East Edgewater in Miami, only one block away from the bay. Nestled between Downtown, the fashionable Design District and the arts and entertainment at Wynwood and Midtown, this area has become a hot spot for cultural mix and diversity.

Come and experience NARANZA at Edgewater, where being different is a way of living.



Naranza is in trendy East Edgewater, surrounded by some of the most iconic and diverse districts in Miami. Naranza has a privileged location, within minutes away from Biscane Bay, Brickell, Wynwood, Midtown and the Design District. The ideal place with ideal views of the bay, making it one of the hippest and trendiest places to live in. Naranza offers you the pleasure to do it all or nothing at all.



Wynwood is home to over 70 galleries making it a unique and cool art district, it has one of the largest open air street art fairs in the world. With several boutique stores and bars, the Wynwood Art District is a perfect place to spend the day.


Located only minutes away from Naranza, the design center is the ideal place to be all caught up with the latest trends in fashion and design. Almost every major flagship luxury store is here to indulge you with their finest products.


Downtown´s close proximity to Naranza makes it a perfect place to work and plan the next business conference you have in mind. An urban and cosmopolitan home to many companies and corporation makes it the perfect hub for all your work needs.


The Arsht Center is one of the world’s leading performance arts organisations and venues. The center presents nearly 500 events each year, nearby you can also find The Perez museum, this place has been collecting art since 1996 and receives around 60,000 visitors a year, making Naranza an ideal place surrounded by art and culture.


Just a few steps away from Naranza you can enjoy Biscayne Bay, soon to become a part of the new Biscayne Line, Arquitectonica’s massive project to incorporate a waterfront boardwalk that features miles of art, benches, trees and parks.


As you get to know each and every part of the building, you'll discover that the interior of Naranza is as incredible as its exterior, a demonstration of style and comfort in every residence.